Friday, March 5, 2010

Wednesday Night's Class - Well Worth the Wait

I meant to write about it yesterday but then had a busy work day and then I must've not eaten well at lunchtime because I felt absolutely terrible last night, skipping a swim workout to go straight home (early) and got in bed at 6pm to wake up at 6am!!!

So... I likely won't be making it to the studio tonight much as I would LOVE to. I'll see how my energy level is...

Wednesday Night: GREAT. Had a front row spot again, and I'm finding that I push myself harder when I'm in the front row, without necessarily feeling the pressure in a bad way of others looking at me. Either that or it helps to have that close of a view on myself and being able to focus on my eyes & reflection which is sometimes hard for us to do, and easier to avoid in the rows further back.

New-ish teacher for me. I've had her only once before. And I liked her. She did a good job of walking around the room. She reminds me of another one of my favorites - just very calm & collected.

We also had an out of town visitor in the room - a super duper yogi. He was doing a loooooong headstand in the room prior to class! So, maybe that inspired me too.

I worked it hard. The heat in the room was on high as I was dripping the entire time. And I needed coconut water at the end. I usually try to make it on just water.

Our studio is having a potluck after the Sat 6pm class this weekend. I look forward to that! Hope you've had a good bik.ram week & have some good practicing plans this weekend!

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