Monday, March 8, 2010

5 Days is Way Too Long for a Break

I didn't mean to take a 5 day break. I went last Wed, was sick Thurs, husband wanted time together Friday, Saturday's class got cancelled, SO - I went first thing Mon morning... and it was GREAT to be back.

I was so desperate to do yoga. And I almost didn't go.

They switched up the Mon morning teacher who I've come to really, really like to start my week off right. And this one today I was worried about because I've had her once before and she seemed low energy and never walked around the room.

She was good today, so I'm glad I didn't ditch to try to go to 6pm instead. She showed us a lot of nuances. It's amazing how much I learn to refine my poses each and every time.

And I actually wrapped my right foot around my calf for the first time in eagle pose! :)

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  1. I just came off a four-day hiatus and man oh day, it hurts!! Four days used to seem like nothing. Now? It feels like four months!

    Been meaning to ask you at which studio you practice in D.C. I used to live down there and was devoted to Bikram Yoga Dupont in Dupont Circle. Ahhh, I still miss it!