Sunday, March 7, 2010

Plan B - Go For a Run!

It's not the studio's fault, but I waited until the 6pm class on Saturday to practice - one of the only times I could fit in. I invited a friend too. We got to the studio and because of some electrical problem, they had to cancel the 6pm class.

We quickly got on the phone inquiring about other classes at bikram studios nearby, and no later classes unfortunately.

I was so disappointed. I haven't practiced since Wed. I was sick on Thurs and by Friday, even though I wanted to practice, I hadn't seen my husband all week so didn't go. So, Saturday's cancellation was hard to take... And my Sunday is pretty busy, too busy to fit in a class unfortunately.

So, plan B is to go for a run this morning! Weather is gorgeous here so I think I won't be disappointed with this turn of events :)

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