Thursday, March 11, 2010

She Knew My Name!

Thurs night's teacher knew my name!!! I walked up to the window to sign in and she said "Hi Cheryl!" - Yay! That felt so good.

She didn't have many Buddhist thoughts today but I still really enjoy her. She's also got great energy. Tues night's teacher does too - I really enjoyed that class too!

Tonight, we had the most yummy first timer in the room. Oh, such eye candy. It was amazing. Yum!!! I was feeling self-conscious thinking these thoughts but then Bikram Yoga Chick posted something along these lines for her motivation in this post. So, I thought I could too :)

Update: Forgot to add that not only did this teacher recognize me and knew me but after class I went to a nearby smoothie place for my walk home and as I got up to order, the woman said "mangofest?" - she knew my drink! love it!! :)


  1. Hey, a little bit of eye candy always helps!!! :)
    Isn't it great when they know your name. It's like cheers, a place where everybody knows your name. LOL

  2. The studios I practice makes sure that they know everyone's name during class. They take the class list with them. YES it's great ... it does makes a difference.