Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Too Hot Tuesday & Looking for a Retreat

It was just too hot in the room. And I didn't eat much in the afternoon so I felt hungry & low energy. But it wasn't just me. Many people were sitting out the 2nd series.

And I was so excited because I hadn't gone all weekend (I'm more a weekday warrior than weekend warrior!) and skipped Monday morning because it was just too difficult to get up after daylight savings time changed.

So I was bummed when I had to sit out some/a lot of the 2nd series because I had been looking forward to a great workout & practice. But oh well. That's the way it goes sometimes. At least I was there. And gave it my all when I did do the poses.

On another note, I'm looking for bik.ram retreats... anyone know of any that are in the country and on the east coast? I'm not looking to make a huge vacation out of it. My husband isn't into trying this out... (yet). So, I'm looking for a few days away somewhere. Anyone have ideas on this?

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