Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Friday Night Front Row & Toe Stand Furtherings

Tonight was great - but hot, really hot. So hot that I had to sit out a few of the 2nd of the poses. Our teacher finally acknowledged that it was hotter than normal at the 1/2 way point and turned it down.

It could also be that I had french fries at lunch and that this is my 2nd in 24 hrs, which I'm not used to - I usually go 36 to 48 hours in between.

Anyway, Fri night teacher sings and sings so well - like he should've been on Broadway or something. I love it. Tonight he sang "I'm leaving on a jet plane" during full locust. Many of us loved it!

And... I went further in toe stand. I basically can't do it. I have tight hips or knees or something and usually have to hold my leg and just bend over. Well, this time on the left side, I actually was able to touch my one hand to the ground! Whew! I couldnt't believe it. It's so amazing when you feel like you'll never 'get' a pose and then you start seeing small improvements. And almost every class I have a small improvement somewhere.

My standing bow pulling poses were pretty good tonight too. I think the front row spot really helps with that.

So, once again, I started out the week with a 6:15am class and ended my week with a 6pm class. Love those weeks!


  1. I find the temperature during pm/evening class to be HOT (hotter than normal). Happy for your amazing week of practice.

  2. Great progress on toe stand! That posture is hard for me too. I can go down on both sides, but after THREE years I'm still hunched over, unable to sit up with a straight spine. I fall out constantly trying to straighten up. It's totally frustrating.