Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me with Bikram Yoga Today!

I have taken my birthday day off for the first time ever! And I can't wait to go to the 12pm class for the first time ever too!

Happy Birthday to Me!

I actually turn 35 today and not loving the number but whatever... I love how I feel when I do yoga and am excited to feel that aliveness today with one of my favorite energetic teachers (I usually go to her Monday at 6:15am, so maybe she'll be even more energetic at noon??)

Last week was good but didn't really feel like there was much to report. I went Tues, Thurs and Fri 6pm classes. That was good for last week.

Went further in tow stand. That one is very hard for me. I can actually barely do it and am just trying to get to touch the floor, which I can only do with my left hand... and on my tippy tip of my fingers. Progress, though, and that's good!

What a better present to myself than celebrating my life by practicing yoga today. It's going to be great! :)


  1. A Happy belated Birthday to you!! I went to yoga on my birthday too this past January and it was indeed a great present to myself...couldn't agree more!

    I admire the fact you even go into toe stand. That's one of my "scary" postures. Tipping forward just seems so unpredictable. I like tree so much I'll just hang out there for awhile, haha.