Saturday, April 24, 2010

Practicing in Chicago

I was excited to go to the 8am class this Saturday morning in Chicago's City Center! Visiting a new studio is always fun.

I've been here before on my last work trip 6 months ago. When I came last time I registered online for a 6am weekday class... and the teacher never showed. It was their first time ever doing that. They said they'd give me credit. I had forgotten about it.

Well, when I signed in today they said I didn't have to pay! Nice surprise!!

I didn't do a great job of getting the right nutrients ahead of time and should have brought a Gato.rade or coconut water or something in the room. I was starting to fade at some point too early on. I made it all the way to the floor though and only took breaks at the usual suspects like camel.

Great class and best of all - they serve popsicles after every class!  (I guess environmental-impact wise that isn't great though).

Yay for going to a different studio!

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