Thursday, April 1, 2010

Awesome Day = Awesome Practice

I had an AWESOME day yesterday!

I got up really early. Met one of my favorite colleagues for a 6:45 sunrise 5 mile morning run along our glorious monuments and blooming cherry blossoms. I love sunrise runs almost more than sunset runs. Not as many people out. Feel like you have the whole city to yourself, well, along with all the photographers wanting to get good shots of the cherry blossoms!

Then, I had my annual review, which went very well including a surprisingly much higher raise than I anticipated. In fact, my boss had to put in for an exception amount for me. I couldn't get over it and was so appreciative that he went to bat for me! Yay!!!!! (I am doing a pretty good job, I must say, and he said I earned it, which is true, but still, not many bosses would actually recognize that and make a case for you, so I was very happy!).

I called my day my double header because I planned on going to yoga after work.

I had a massive headache at about 4:00 and was worried I was going to bail out. But I didn't. I knew it would be good for me, much as I didn't feel like going.

Upon arriving at the studio, I learned that someone other than the instructor I thought was teaching was going to teach. I'd never had him before (it's still shocking to me that as much as I go, there are some teachers I still haven't had).

He was AWESOME. So energetic! And gave us good direction. And was funny. And... was cute. I could have fallen in love right then. But I'm married. And happily so. And it's a yoga fantasy anyway.

Ok, I digress. Back to my awesome day which = awesome practice. It was the best I've had in awhile. Even though I couldn't do standing head to knee pose very well because I was tight from running. I still went slightly further in some other poses, which felt great.

Yay! Hope that gives some inspiration out there!

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  1. Indeed it does!! Congratulations on your very active day, and your raise!