Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday Night Back Row... Not at All!

The cute teacher was teaching last night. I saw him on the schedule last week and have been looking forward to it since then. I blogged about him a couple of weeks ago here when I had him for the first time. Specifically, this is what I said about him:

Upon arriving at the studio, I learned that someone other than the instructor I thought was teaching was going to teach. I'd never had him before (it's still shocking to me that as much as I go, there are some teachers I still haven't had).

He was AWESOME. So energetic! And gave us good direction. And was funny. And... was cute. I could have fallen in love right then. But I'm married. And happily so. And it's a yoga fantasy anyway.

So, when my husband saw this posting, he said 'You can never go to class with that teacher again'. If you know my husband, he's so not the jealous type, so this was all fun and games.
Well, I told him I was having this teacher again and he said "please make it a back row Monday night!"
I was in... the front row. Yes, I know. BUT, I also realized that I couldn't see him as well in the front row... which is probably best because this is supposed to be about yoga and not a yoga man crush.
It's not just that I think he's cute but he really is so incredibly energetic and funny. And I think it's endearing that he's kinda jock-ish and doesn't fit the typical yoga mold.
It really is just a fantasy. I promise.
I had a great practice yesterday. Was afraid of what it'd be like. I ran 9 miles on Sunday to get ready for a 1/2 marathon in 3 weeks. But I was more flexible than I thought.
One of my other favorite teachers is tonight but much as I don't have a 'crush' on her, I still strive to get to her Tues night class. Except tonight I think I need a break.
I plan to run 6 miles again tomorrow and then get back in the room on Friday. Not as much this week but I have to make room for running if I'm going to feel good for this 1/2 marathon!

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  1. Hey BikramYogiCheryl,
    I loved this post! I can completely relate -- sometimes it's so hard not to notice the other talented, flexible and cute yogis in the hot room when we practice. And yet, their presence can be motivating sometimes too!

    If you like, feel free to check out my recent posting on a similar situation here:


    And keep up your great practice and blogging!