Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why Did I Eat after 4pm for 6pm Class??

You know you've done it. You have evening class. You didn't eat enough lunch. And by 4pm you're starving. What do you do??

You know if you eat, your stomach will feel too full for class. You'll be burping every time you take a sip of water. You will feel fat and not be able to breathe as you do the forward bend in half moon.

But if you don't eat, you feel like you'll starve and not be able to make it through class.

Darn me for not pre-planning very well. Yes, I was the one feeling all of those things in the 6pm class for eating after 4pm. I promise, I'll learn... I always do. Until I'm starving again!

At least I made it to class. A feeling-too-full practice is better than no practice!

What's your trick for making sure you don't succumb to needing to eat too close to classtime?


  1. Stumbled onto your blog while hopping from Bikram blog to Bikram blog.

    I am glad to read that someone else has the same eating conundrum I do. I practice power yoga for the first half of the week and Bikram for the second half, and on my Bikram days I have to plan out what and when I'm going to eat or I find myself starving at 1:30 for a 4:30 class (it has to be at least 3 hours beforehand for me; if I eat 2 hours before class I end up burping up whatever I ate and finding myself miserable) and frantically drive around Reno looking for something smart to eat. When I do find it, I slam it down, trying to get the calories into me without getting to close to class.

    I always try to keep a Clif Bar or something handy for situations when the 3-hour mark is approaching and I know I'll be needing the calories later. Today was one of those situations when the Clif Bar came in handy. Without it I'm quite confident I would have passed out in class.

    And for tomorrow: Happy Birthday, Bishnu!

  2. Same with me, no food 3 hours prior to an afternoon class. No Chinese food for lunch ~ 3 hours have passed and it's still my tummy! For an early morning class, I make sure I hydrate well the night before. In a pinch, just have 2 Medjool dates, or an orange, or a banana.

  3. My problem is more water than eating. My work schedule is a steady 630-3pm with always 430 classes. So I'm done eating by noon... but I've had to concentrate on leaving at least a full hour before class without water.
    BUT if I'm feeling shakey... a handful of blueberries does it for me. Although its close to class, blueberries only take an hour to break down and leave your stomach. :)