Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm back with a 3 Month Pass!

My hiatus took a little while. I actually did get pregnant & held off on intense exercise... and then I miscarried. It was early on but was still heart-wrenching. Second time for me.

So, it's taken me a little while to recover. But as always, I am so grateful to have my bik.ram yoga to carry me through. And carry me through it has.

I joined up a few weeks ago with a 3 month unlimited pass and am back to going about 4x/week.

I love the sign outside our studio:
Change your body. Change your life.

It's so true for me. I put on a few pounds with the fertility treatments and non-exercise, and I know my body can get back to where it was... and better. And the spiritual/mental aspects of it helps me recover from traumatic incidents like the one I just endured.

I also thought this was interesting from our studio's page:
Camel pose: Is it your nemesis, your best friend or your break time?

It used to be my nemesis... and my break time. But now, camel pose, bring it on. I am ready for you!

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