Thursday, February 25, 2010

Going Further in the Poses

Being away for 3 1/2 days is a lot for me... I normally don't stay away from exercise in general for more than 36-48 hours, but I wasn't feeling well this week so was determined to make my come-back tonight GREAT. And it was!

I love this Thurs night teacher. She's very positive. Last week she talked a bit about buddhism and about being happy with what 'is' and with what you have. Tonight she said:
"Relax like it's your job"

I like it. I also like that I actually went all the way in Camel and Fixed Firm Pose. That's HUGE for me. I hadn't been able to do them until tonight. But I'm learning to let myself go in the back bends and started tonight by bending more in the Half Moon and somehow in the 2nd half, I was able to do this. Yay me!!!

And I love Standing Bow Pulling Pose. I think that's my favorite. In fact, I do it a lot now just anywhere, in my house, sometimes I even start it in Starbucks as I'm waiting for coffee. But only in the afternoons when not many people are there. And it's more like a standing 1/2 bow in the Starbucks :)

Only hard part about this 6pm class is I've noticed this one guy who just makes these loud sighing sounds. It's really distracting and really annoying. But I'm sure that's just my yoga lesson to focus on me instead of him!

Hope you had a great practice today too!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will be back soon, just taking a little break. So glad to hear you are loving Bikram and blogging about it! Standing Bow Pulling Pose: One of my favorites too. Sometimes when I'm in it solid and am breathing calmly I feel like I'm flying! Such a beautiful posture! I haven't tried it at starbucks yet though! :)
    Oh, and the distractions...all part of the yoga practice. Somedays you can get really relaxed and zen and ignore them all and other days you want to beat the shit out of heavy breather flingy sweat neighbor. Don't worry, we all know it's "us", how we are that day and we all know it's not anything to do with heavy breather guy. Just keep showing up!