Thursday, February 25, 2010

First Post

I just started blogging a few weeks ago for another aspect in my life that has seemed nearly all-consuming.

Bikram yoga is another aspect of my life that takes up a lot of my thoughts. I've also been following Bikramanda and LOVE her blog - it's inspiring, it's real and it oftentimes complements my experiences - EXCEPT that she's MUCH harder-core about it all than I am.

My little bikram yoga history:
  • A friend introduced me to it a little over a year ago. Helped that it was winter & got to be in a hot room.
  • I liked it but it was expensive, a time commitment and I was more into my running then
  • I kept coming back to it every 2-4 weeks throughout all of 2009
  • I got O (the Oprah magazine in December) right at the same time that I thought "I really need to lose these 12 lbs that have somehow crept on in the last couple of years" and lo & behold - there was this article about Paige finding Bikram yoga - right in Oprah's mainstream magazine!!! And it was so inspiring. I thought, if this woman can do it, so can I! This is EXACTLY what I need to kick this into high gear (and to soften my stress a bit).
  • In beginning of January, I bought a 10 pass package and used those up pretty quickly
  • I'm now on my 2nd unlimited monthly pass - I go about 3-4x week & want to share my experiences & be inspired by others' experiences
So... I look forward to finding you Bikram yogis out there! :)

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